Summer Crisp

/Summer Crisp

Pomegranate Crunch Lettuce

Variety: RomaineName: Pomegranate CrunchColor: Vivid Red Outer Leaves & Sparkling Green HeartsSize: Small, Compact Mini-headTaste: Crunchy, Crisp, & Flavorful Color: Vivid Red Outer Leaves & Sparkling Green Hearts Size: Small, Compact Mini-head Taste: Crunchy, Crisp, & Flavorful

Nevada Lettuce

Variety: Summer CrispName: NevadaColor: Glossy, Medium Green, RuffledSize: French Crisp Type, Large Open Heads, ThickTaste: Buttery, Crisp, & Flavorful Color: Glossy, Medium Green, Ruffled Size: French Crisp Type, Large Open Heads, Thick Taste: Buttery, Crisp, & Flavorful

Muir Lettuce

Variety: Summer CrispName: MuirColor: Light GreenSize: Extra Wavy Leaves, Dense HeadsTaste: Crisp & Flavorful Color: Light Green Size: Extra Wavy Leaves, Dense Heads Taste: Crisp & Flavorful

Magenta Lettuce

Variety: Summer CrispName: MagentaColor: Shiny, Slightly Puckered, Red-Tinged LeavesSize: Medium, Conical HeadsTaste: Big Crunch Color: Shiny, Slightly Puckered, Red-Tinged Leaves Size: Medium, Conical Heads Taste: Big Crunch

Concept Lettuce

Variety: Summer CrispName: ConceptColor: Medium GreenSize: Unique Vase-like Shape, Medium to Full Size HeadsTaste: Thick, Juicy, & Flavorful Color: Medium Green Size: Unique Vase-like Shape, Medium to Full Size Heads Taste: Thick, Juicy, & Flavorful