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Tremendous Tree Training: Really Recognizing Wreaths

Tremendous Tree Training: Really Recognizing Wreaths

Did I get a little carried away with the alliteration there? The temperatures are dropping, the deciduous leaves have fallen, and our evergreen needles are now set.  Thus commences another season of trekking into the woods to gather balsam fir, pine, cedar, moss, red...

Gunna Farm Now

Here are just some of the ways we prepare for a season of farming. Quotes from friends who've watched this: "It is so bad, it is almost good." "Eye of the Potato...You'd think we farm corn with this video." We'll take it! I think I really showcased the full range of...

Honey Bees in Slo-Mo

How great is this video?  The footage was taken by Gromaine's own and beekeeper extraordinaire,  Justin Bouchard.  Gromaine has benefitted all spring and summer from Justin's hives.  His bees have been busy pollinating all sorts of plants vital to our farm.  Here are...

In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It

We've had some pretty stellar instagram photos so far this season if we do say so ourselves.  I'm pretty sure you can find every shade of green in existence in these pictures. Also, can we make this winking lettuce pic go viral?  I feel like it is at least as notable...

Episode 2: A Chat With Our Dad

Episode 2: A Chat With Our Dad

Anyone who has stopped in for a visit to Noyes Flower & Plant Shoppe in the past 40 years, was likely greeted with a warm hello and, if lucky, a story from our father, Kimber Noyes. Recently, we were lucky enough to chat with Kimber about what it was like growing...

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