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The Benefits of Organic Greens

From Napa Valley to Midtown Manhattan, the farm to table movement beckons foodies, locavores and tourists alike—each in search of seasonal flavors picked fresh that day. As the movement continues to grow across the U.S., so do the benefits of local, organic foods. We thought we’d share some of the [...]

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Lettuce Helps the Pain Go Away- SNL Throwback Thursday


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Bear with us…

We have new friend visiting us in the fields the past week or so.  This picture is not the clearest, but there is black bear standing at the back of the pasture.  It was taken by our mom a few days ago.  We've spotted him/her a few times now, but [...]

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Throwback Thursday – Summer in Aroostook 1947…& More Overalls

We love looking at our old family photos.  This photo of our grandfather, Clayton Noyes (left), and our uncle Paul as a baby, was taken in front of the barn with a family friend and his son (overalls + no shirt = bold look).  Clayton would have been about 27 [...]

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BLT – farmer’s market style

Farmer's wife (aka Katherine) here with my first blog post! Yesterday was the South Portland Farmer's Market (shameless plug: come visit us 10-2 by Mill Creek and City Hall every Sunday).  We are starting to get to know the other vendors at the market pretty well by now, which is [...]

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15 Great Farm Songs

I have a lot of time to think on my beautiful drives through Maine to our farm.  The other day during this very familiar stretch of road, it dawned on me that what this road trip was missing was a playlist of the best farm songs ever written. So, I [...]

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Potato Barrels at the South Portland Farmers Market

The first farmer's market of the season is this Sunday, May 4th from 10AM-2PM in the South Portland City Hall Parking Lot near Mill Creek Park.  As we began to put together this year's display for the farmer's market, we immediately thought to highlight something that is near and dear [...]

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Overalls a good idea…Throwback Thursday

The other day our friend Laura asked us, "When was it that you knew you wanted to farm?"  For Jon, I believe the day was February 19, 1995.  Anybody have any idea what Jon is holding? Magnifying glass? A flower of some type?  Better yet, what do you think he [...]

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Throwback Thursday – Now that’s a family portrait!

Above is the portrait of the Josiah Noyes family, our great, great, great grandfather.  I'm not sure if I see the resemblance, but there are a few high quality mustaches to aspire to. To best understand Josiah and his family in mid 19th Northern Maine, I think it best to [...]

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Are snowshoes a sign of Spring?

Spring is here—at least, it’s here in Portland, Maine. Daffodils are blooming and it’s an unseasonably warm 70 degrees—a sure sign our state is thawing out.  Five hours north however in Aroostook County, spring hasn’t exactly sprung. Snow is still in the forecast and GROMAINE Farm is under a blanket [...]

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