The concept for Gromaine sprouted in the hearts of two Maine brothers. Born to long farming heritages, Tristan and Jon Noyes were raised to appreciate the soil and all of the friends they made on it.  The brothers experienced countless acts of generosity, unique cultivation of ideas, and a hearty spirit imbued with a sense that nothing is impossible.  Consequently, at it’s root, Gromaine cares about kindness, quality, innovation, and tradition.

Mainers care deeply about their land, and especially what grows from it.  Gromaine provides organic, sustainably grown lettuce and leafy greens to select Maine restaurants, specialty grocers, and directly to consumers.  The farm connects consumers to the land by sharing the entire growing process, from seed to leaf and farm to fork.

Who Is Gromaine

Gromaine is committed to providing high quality organic leafy greens to individuals, families, and businesses.  Gromaine believes in improving consumers’ quality of life by enabling easy access to healthy produce, treating its customers with kindness, and helping them cultivate a deeper appreciation and connection to the land.

At Gromaine, We Believe In:

  • Growing local, fresh organic greens

  • The heritage of small family farms

  • Innovative farming practices for sustainable agriculture

  • Operating our business with kindness and forming genuine relationships with the community

  • Collaborating with other local small businesses and farmers
  • Supporting local hunger intiatives

Our Customers Can Expect:

  • Locally produced, sustainably grown, quality organic greens

  • Washed, ready to eat vegetables delivered to our customers within 1-2 days of harvest

  • A deeper connection with the land and the people who grow it
  • A family run company who cares deeply about farming and the Maine way of life

Fun Facts

  • Tristan and Jon descend from six generations of Maine farmers
  • Tristan was a founder of the Bowdoin Organic Garden
  • Jon was an original member of the Caribou Farmers’ Market
Tristan Noyes
Tristan NoyesCo-Founder
Tristan is a graduate of of Bowdoin College.  Prior to starting Gromaine, Tristan lived in Boston and was a Director at EF Education, a company specializing in breaking down the barriers of language, culture, and geography.


Jon Noyes
Jon NoyesCo-Founder
Jon is a graduate of the University of Maine. Prior to starting Gromaine, Jon was the Greenhouse Manager at his family’s business, Noyes Flower and Plant Shoppe in Caribou, ME.

Woodland, Aroostook County, Maine

We are proud to live and grow in the large, beautiful wilderness of Aroostook County. Please feel free to come visit anytime. Aroostook never disappoints.

Fun Facts About Our Farm

  • At 46.9 degrees N latitude, our farm is located further north than two thirds of the Canadian population
  • Our plant hardiness zone is 3b, which is the same plant hardiness zone as Nome, Alaska
  • Our farmhouse and barn were built by Swedish pioneers in the 1870s.  The lumber used was cut from our farm, hand hewn, uses wooden pegs.
  • Moose are a common occurrence on our farm.  In fact, they love our veggies!

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