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Co Founder of GROMAINE, Tristan Noyes Delivers Common Ground Country Fair Keynote

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Autumn on the Farm

Autumn is a spectacular time of year in Aroostook. Enjoy our fall foliage in full effect and get a glimpse of all the fir, cedar, pine, tamarack, birch, and red osier dogwood we use to make our handcrafted holiday wreaths on Gromaine Farm. Special thanks once again to the amazing [...]

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Spring on the Farm

In addition to this being the best video we've made so far, it really helps give a glimpse of how we go about growing our organic vegetables. Huge thanks to farmer/producer , farmer/future music video star, and especially our good friend and his band for letting us use their music. [...]

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Celebrating Earth Day with DIY Upcycled Seedling Planters

In honor of Earth Day and planting season we thought we'd do our part by upcycling a few random bottles and jars we had in our recycling bin. But first, we needed a game-plan. We had to assemble our team. With our team intact, we surveyed our recycling bin for [...]

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A Poem, a Video, a Photo: A Welcome to Spring

The sun is finally setting on winter so we thought we'd celebrate across three forms of media: a poem, a video, and a photo.   Above, you may notice the silhouette of our four foot balsam wreath on the well house.  This photo will likely be the last before we remove [...]

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Our Enduring Tractors: Original Promotional Videos

In most professions, a person does not depend every single day on a piece of machinery that was built more than a half century ago. Yet here we find ourselves, reliant on a beautiful 1963 Massey Ferguson tractor. Three or four years ago we brought the Ferguson to our trusted [...]

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Where does the time go?

If there is one thing farmers always seem to be short on, it's time. “How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss There are always more weeds to pull, rocks to pick, and work to do. It is possible, on occasion, to lose sight of [...]

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A Deep Dive into the Lesser Known Leafy Greens

Never really thought of broccoli or the Brussels sprout as a leafy green? Well, your not alone, but I think technically we can count both as leafy greens. The Brussels sprout is a member of the Gemmifera Group of cabbages (Brassica oleracea), and we eat its edible buds. Broccoli, kale, [...]

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What kind of lettuce are you?

[WpProQuiz 1]

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Old School Farm Cool

We've recently added a Tumblr microblog under the name "Old School Farm Cool" to post some of our favorite family photos gathered from albums in the attic. Hope you enjoy!

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