We have new friend visiting us in the fields the past week or so.  This picture is not the clearest, but there is black bear standing at the back of the pasture.  It was taken by our mom a few days ago.  We’ve spotted him/her a few times now, but Jon had the closest encounter this morning.

Jon was driving on our field road toward our high tunnel when he spotted our black bear friend.  Having attended the University of Maine, home of the Black Bears, Jon knew just what to do…stop.

The black bear stood on its hind legs for a moment before scuttling off toward the woods.  Jon tried to capture a picture, but was not quick enough on the draw.  The bear did however run in the direction of a motion activated camera that we have set up near our field.

We plan to post regularly the wildlife we capture crossing our farm and this black bear may have struck a pose on his/her way by.  We will check the camera asap and start posting the animals we capture, including pictures of Jon and Tristan with scurfy beards.