Farmer’s wife (aka Katherine) here with my first blog post!

Yesterday was the South Portland Farmer’s Market (shameless plug: come visit us 10-2 by Mill Creek and City Hall every Sunday).  We are starting to get to know the other vendors at the market pretty well by now, which is such a pleasure. Everyone is lovely, with their own unique stories of how they came to running their own family business and participate in the SoPo Farmer’s Market. One of the best perks: easy access to local goodies! We love the diversity of our market: it has produce, meats/fish, honey, soap, baked goods (even gluten free for humans and puppies), tortillas, granola…and chaga!

After Dick from Piper Ranch introduced me to English Back Bacon (which happens to be cut in the perfect round shape for sandwiches) yesterday, I decided to make BLTs for dinner. I picked up some tomatoes from Alewive’s Brook Farm, some garlic herb english muffins from Sweet and Savory, and picked some Revolution lettuce from one of Tristan’s planters (he tells me it’ll come back again so I didn’t hold back!).

I defrosted and broiled the bacon, sliced the tomatoes, rinsed the lettuce, and toasted the muffins….and we had one of the best dinners we’ve had in a while! Portland may be a mecca for great restaurants, but sometimes a simple home-cooked meal made with local ingredients is just what we are craving.