Autumn on the Farm

Autumn is a spectacular time of year in Aroostook. Enjoy our fall foliage in full effect and get a glimpse of all the fir, cedar, pine, tamarack, birch, and red osier dogwood we use to make our handcrafted holiday wreaths on Gromaine Farm. Special thanks once again to the amazing [...]

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Spring on the Farm

In addition to this being the best video we've made so far, it really helps give a glimpse of how we go about growing our organic vegetables. Huge thanks to farmer/producer , farmer/future music video star, and especially our good friend and his band for letting us use their music. [...]

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Old School Farm Cool

We've recently added a Tumblr microblog under the name "Old School Farm Cool" to post some of our favorite family photos gathered from albums in the attic. Hope you enjoy! http://gromaine.tumblr.com/post/138620998282/hay-thats-not-a-bad-seat-cushion

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“On Reading Wendell Berry”

From Guest Contributor Ryan Tahmaseb When I was asked to write something for Gromaine, my thoughts turned immediately to Wendell Berry. I had recently finished reading What Are People For?, a collection of Berry’s essays published in 1990 that centers around humanity’s troubled relationship with nature, place, and environment. The [...]

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Gunna Farm Now

Here are just some of the ways we prepare for a season of farming. Quotes from friends who've watched this: "It is so bad, it is almost good." "Eye of the Potato...You'd think we farm corn with this video." We'll take it! I think I really showcased the full range [...]

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Learn Your Lettuces: An Overview of Organic Lettuce Types Grown by GROMAINE

We hope you've had a wonderful August and have been enjoying the summer growing season to its fullest extent.  Despite mid September sneaking up on us, we are continuing to grow dozens of different lettuces for our friends at restaurants, grocers and farmers markets.  Thanks also to all those who have [...]

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Honey Bees in Slo-Mo

How great is this video?  The footage was taken by Gromaine's own and beekeeper extraordinaire,  Justin Bouchard.  Gromaine has benefitted all spring and summer from Justin's hives.  His bees have been busy pollinating all sorts of plants vital to our farm.  Here are just a few, perhaps surprising, facts about [...]

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In Case You Missed It

We've had some pretty stellar instagram photos so far this season if we do say so ourselves.  I'm pretty sure you can find every shade of green in existence in these pictures. Also, can we make this winking lettuce pic go viral?  I feel like it is at least as [...]

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Appreciating Earth Day: The 21 Day Challenge

In this broad earth of ours, Amid the measureless grossness and slag, Enclosed and safe within its central heart, Nestles the seed of perfection. Walt Whitman (1819-1892). "Song of the Universal" (1), 1874, Leaves of Grass, 1855-1892 Amid the beeping, buzzing, babbling cacophony of our gadgets and surroundings, its easy [...]

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Winning Winter – 9 Strategies from a Frost-Covered Farmer

The cold winds and howling snows have not slowed down our planning for the Spring. We have been hard at work placing seed orders, creating planting schedules, updating equipment, and all of the things that allow us to run a smooth operation once the hectic start to the season arrives. [...]

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