In honor of Earth Day and planting season we thought we’d do our part by upcycling a few random bottles and jars we had in our recycling bin.

But first, we needed a game-plan. We had to assemble our team.

phonto (11)

With our team intact, we surveyed our recycling bin for lucky upcycle candidates.

phonto (12)


phonto (13)

Bentley thought it would be cool to make two self watering planters, a small one out of the Lawry’s Steak Sauce and large one from the Canada’s Dry. ┬áThe peanut butter jar is just a simple pot.

The key mechanism for self watering is below:

phonto (14)

We also decided to make a little self contained greenhouse to help retain heat and moisture for seedlings.

phonto (15)

Next we lined the green plastic throughout our bottles and filled each container with soil.

phonto (16)

The yarn will wick water from the bottom up through the soil dispersing it throughout the roots system.

phonto (17)


phonto (18)