Celebrating Earth Day with DIY Upcycled Seedling Planters

In honor of Earth Day and planting season we thought we'd do our part by upcycling a few random bottles and jars we had in our recycling bin. But first, we needed a game-plan. We had to assemble our team. With our team intact, we surveyed our recycling bin for [...]

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10 Things GROMAINE is thankful for in 2014

10:  To the 10+ restaurants, markets, and stores that have added our produce to their menus and coolers this year, we send you a very special thanks.  If anyone is looking forward to enjoying an amazing meal this evening to celebrate New Years, or are thinking of cooking at home, [...]

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Fresh Thoughts for Cool Trailers

This past winter, Jon and I did a lot of planning for the season.  Running a farm requires many decisions to be made, big and small. One big decision we were faced with was how keep our produce fresh and crisp while delivering throughout the state.  Rather than buying a refrigerated [...]

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A Big Idea for Little Seeds

"You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club” –      Jack London, American author, journalist, and social activist Lettuce seeds are small—very small—and planting them is a time-consuming, meticulous process, Each tray we plant has 250 tiny holes that each require one seed. So in [...]

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Are snowshoes a sign of Spring?

Spring is here—at least, it’s here in Portland, Maine. Daffodils are blooming and it’s an unseasonably warm 70 degrees—a sure sign our state is thawing out.  Five hours north however in Aroostook County, spring hasn’t exactly sprung. Snow is still in the forecast and GROMAINE Farm is under a blanket [...]

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