A Poem, a Video, a Photo: A Welcome to Spring

The sun is finally setting on winter so we thought we'd celebrate across three forms of media: a poem, a video, and a photo.   Above, you may notice the silhouette of our four foot balsam wreath on the well house.  This photo will likely be the last before we remove [...]

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Our Enduring Tractors: Original Promotional Videos

In most professions, a person does not depend every single day on a piece of machinery that was built more than a half century ago. Yet here we find ourselves, reliant on a beautiful 1963 Massey Ferguson tractor. Three or four years ago we brought the Ferguson to our trusted [...]

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Tremendous Tree Training: Really Recognizing Wreaths

Did I get a little carried away with the alliteration there? The temperatures are dropping, the deciduous leaves have fallen, and our evergreen needles are now set.  Thus commences another season of trekking into the woods to gather balsam fir, pine, cedar, moss, red osier dogwood, birch, and tamarack.  Be [...]

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Episode 2: A Chat With Our Dad

Anyone who has stopped in for a visit to Noyes Flower & Plant Shoppe in the past 40 years, was likely greeted with a warm hello and, if lucky, a story from our father, Kimber Noyes. Recently, we were lucky enough to chat with Kimber about what it was like growing up [...]

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10 Things GROMAINE is thankful for in 2014

10:  To the 10+ restaurants, markets, and stores that have added our produce to their menus and coolers this year, we send you a very special thanks.  If anyone is looking forward to enjoying an amazing meal this evening to celebrate New Years, or are thinking of cooking at home, [...]

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Orange is the New Black

Every year, pre Thanksgiving, we don our orange clad apparel and head in the woods to collect tips, twigs, moss, and cones.  Why orange? While it may be obvious to some, others may be perplexed.   We wear orange because it is hunting season.  Hunters are always on the lookout [...]

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Update from the Farm Cam

Our last Farm Cam update was way back on the 4th of July. The hardest part of the our motion activated camera is to remember to put the memory card back once we've uploaded the pictures. That reminds me, Jon the card is in your truck. Can you put it [...]

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Farm Cam

At Gromaine, we are always looking for ways to continue to connect you to our farm.  Way back in May we decided it would be really fun to set up a farm cam.  Our farm cam is motion activated, has night vision, and captures the temperature and time.   Around [...]

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Overalls a good idea…Throwback Thursday

The other day our friend Laura asked us, "When was it that you knew you wanted to farm?"  For Jon, I believe the day was February 19, 1995.  Anybody have any idea what Jon is holding? Magnifying glass? A flower of some type?  Better yet, what do you think he [...]

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Throwback Thursday – Now that’s a family portrait!

Above is the portrait of the Josiah Noyes family, our great, great, great grandfather.  I'm not sure if I see the resemblance, but there are a few high quality mustaches to aspire to. To best understand Josiah and his family in mid 19th Northern Maine, I think it best to [...]

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