Co Founder of GROMAINE, Tristan Noyes Delivers Common Ground Country Fair Keynote

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Our Enduring Tractors: Original Promotional Videos

In most professions, a person does not depend every single day on a piece of machinery that was built more than a half century ago. Yet here we find ourselves, reliant on a beautiful 1963 Massey Ferguson tractor. Three or four years ago we brought the Ferguson to our trusted [...]

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Where does the time go?

If there is one thing farmers always seem to be short on, it's time. “How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss There are always more weeds to pull, rocks to pick, and work to do. It is possible, on occasion, to lose sight of [...]

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A Deep Dive into the Lesser Known Leafy Greens

Never really thought of broccoli or the Brussels sprout as a leafy green? Well, your not alone, but I think technically we can count both as leafy greens. The Brussels sprout is a member of the Gemmifera Group of cabbages (Brassica oleracea), and we eat its edible buds. Broccoli, kale, [...]

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Tremendous Tree Training: Really Recognizing Wreaths

Did I get a little carried away with the alliteration there? The temperatures are dropping, the deciduous leaves have fallen, and our evergreen needles are now set.  Thus commences another season of trekking into the woods to gather balsam fir, pine, cedar, moss, red osier dogwood, birch, and tamarack.  Be [...]

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Episode 2: A Chat With Our Dad

Anyone who has stopped in for a visit to Noyes Flower & Plant Shoppe in the past 40 years, was likely greeted with a warm hello and, if lucky, a story from our father, Kimber Noyes. Recently, we were lucky enough to chat with Kimber about what it was like growing up [...]

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10 Things GROMAINE is thankful for in 2014

10:  To the 10+ restaurants, markets, and stores that have added our produce to their menus and coolers this year, we send you a very special thanks.  If anyone is looking forward to enjoying an amazing meal this evening to celebrate New Years, or are thinking of cooking at home, [...]

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Food 4 Thought – Basil!

From Italy to Thailand, you’ll find basil sprouting up in menus across the globe. Derived from the Greek word basilikohn, meaning "royal”, basil has a long history of flavoring dishes. This aromatic herb does more than just satisfy taste buds though—basil offers an array of health benefits, not to mention its [...]

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The Benefits of Organic Greens

From Napa Valley to Midtown Manhattan, the farm to table movement beckons foodies, locavores and tourists alike—each in search of seasonal flavors picked fresh that day. As the movement continues to grow across the U.S., so do the benefits of local, organic foods. We thought we’d share some of the [...]

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