In most professions, a person does not depend every single day on a piece of machinery that was built more than a half century ago. Yet here we find ourselves, reliant on a beautiful 1963 Massey Ferguson tractor.

Three or four years ago we brought the Ferguson to our trusted tractor mechanic to get it ready again for every day use again. A mechanic who had worked on tractors in the area for the better part of 70 years remembered our tractor right away. He said to our father, “You know your dad wore this tractor out twice already.” To which our father responded, “Well, think you could get it tuned up so I can wear it out again?” To which he replied “No problem.”

In an age where the newest operating system is outdated in just a few years, American tractors were built to last. In fact, in our “fleet” we have a Farmall H and a John Deere B from the ’40s, an Oliver from the ’50s, and a Massey Ferguson from the ’60s.

Tractors were built in a way that allowed even novice mechanics the opportunity to fix them. Just last year Jon was able to replace the hydraulic hoses, based mostly on his intuition.

Even the advertising and promotional videos were of the highest quality. There is something very cinematic about each of the clips below. Take a look at some of the slogans and pitches associated with our tractors.

Farmall Slogans:

Time Proved for Improved Farming

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Then: Our grandfather on our Farmall H

Then: Our grandfather on our Farmall H


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Now: Our Farmall H with Two Deer

Now: Our Farmall H with Two Deer

This promotional video for our Farmall H touted the tractor as “the most enduring engine ever built”. I think you’d be hard pressed to argue with them 77 years later.


John Deere Slogan:

Nothing Runs Like a Deere

One Hundred and seventy-five years of John Deere in 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Massey Ferguson Slogan:

Pedigree, Power & Performance

You’ve got to watch the first 30 seconds of this. You will not be disappointed.

Oliver Slogan:

Ride with Oliver and go places

The title “Getting Ahead of Tomorrow” pretty much says it all. I love the philosophical take at the beginning. Spoiler: It features a fortune teller.

I leave you with this…

I’m leaving you. In CASE you don’t know why it’s because my cousin OLIVER told me you were messing around with ALICE CHALMERS. I can’t believe it. I thought you were on the FARMALL those times.