Every year, pre Thanksgiving, we don our orange clad apparel and head in the woods to collect tips, twigs, moss, and cones.  Why orange? While it may be obvious to some, others may be perplexed.   We wear orange because it is hunting season.  Hunters are always on the lookout for Blaze Orange garments as the color contrasts greatly from the largely leafless snowy surroundings in the forest. Though our family has never been a hunting family, and our farm is posted for “no hunting”, it is better to play it safe.

The orange also makes it easier for Jon and I to spot one another from a distance as we can sometimes wander quite some distance into the woods gathering fir tips.

We hope you are starting to feel more connected to our wreaths and and our farm through our pictures!  Let us know if you have any questions and we would be happy to answer them.