The cold winds and howling snows have not slowed down our planning for the Spring. We have been hard at work placing seed orders, creating planting schedules, updating equipment, and all of the things that allow us to run a smooth operation once the hectic start to the season arrives.  While winter may get some folks down, we’ve found some great strategies to cope with Old Man Winter.

1. Grow Something….

Even if it’s just a beard.

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Or you can make like us and grow something to eat. We’ve loved growing a variety of micro-greens for restaurants this winter. When you have something growing, it feels like Spring must be just around the corner…even if it isn’t.

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2. Embrace the Great Outdoors

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″ last=”” class=”” id=””] We may be famous for things like this…

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But how can you not…


Winter in Maine.

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3. Explore

Just after Christmas, I ran across something in the woods that I had not noticed before.  Our father thinks it might be the skeleton to a 1960s snowmobile or perhaps a scooter.  Does anyone have any ideas?  It just goes to show you, that there is always something new to discover on the farm.

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4. Reconnect

It has been such a pleasure reconnecting with friends at Sustainable Bowdoin and the Bowdoin Dining Service this winter. Can’t wait to take part in a panel discussion of the film “Growing Local” tomorrow night!

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5. Get Creative

Find something, and transform it into the unexpected.  After we cleared our trails this fall, we found we gathered a number of white birch logs.  I thought why not make an ipad/ipod docking station.  I think it turned out pretty great.  Perhaps GROMAINE has found a new product?

IMG_1534FullSizeRender (17) FullSizeRender (16) FullSizeRender (18)

6. Have Fun

I don’t know about you, but the right music can quickly wash away winter woes.  And if it’s amazing music you are looking for look no further than Middle Mountain.  Our good friend John has recently released “By Way Of”. It is filled with incredible instrumentals. Guitar. Piano. Sax. You will not be disappointed.  Be on the listen out for more of John’s music when we release our podcast later this Spring.

[fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″ last=”” class=”” id=””] Catch a UMaine Hockey game.  There are still six games left.  Unfortunaetly, there will not likely be more games than that this year for the Black Bears.

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Catch a live show from our friends the Ballroom Thieves.  We just saw them at Port City Music Hall with the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra (phenomenal young instrumentalists).

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Or head to the mountain and shred it up like my wife at Shawnee Peak.
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7. Try Something New

Earlier this winter, Jon and I stumbled across the appropriately named Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout.  I think there is even a resemblence. No? It was delicious and well worth a try.

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Speaking of delicious, I can’t believe I had never been to Portland’s Urban Farm Fermentory. If you want to energize on a cold winter day stop in and try their potent, probiotic kombucha.  Might we suggest the half juniper/half ginger concoction?
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8. Look at things with a Fresh Perspective

Just because.

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9. Exercise Regularly

Enough Said.

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