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10 Things GROMAINE is thankful for in 2014

10:  To the 10+ restaurants, markets, and stores that have added our produce to their menus and coolers this year, we send you a very special thanks.  If anyone is looking forward to enjoying an amazing meal this evening to celebrate New Years, or are thinking of cooking at home, [...]

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Orange is the New Black

Every year, pre Thanksgiving, we don our orange clad apparel and head in the woods to collect tips, twigs, moss, and cones.  Why orange? While it may be obvious to some, others may be perplexed.   We wear orange because it is hunting season.  Hunters are always on the lookout [...]

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Update from the Farm Cam

Our last Farm Cam update was way back on the 4th of July. The hardest part of the our motion activated camera is to remember to put the memory card back once we've uploaded the pictures. That reminds me, Jon the card is in your truck. Can you put it [...]

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Gathering Fir Tips

We thought it might be fun to share a few videos of the woods where we've been gathering fir to create your wreaths. Gathering the balsam tips is called tipping. Before tipping fir trees, one must wait until the needles have set (or gone dormant). Most experts agree that balsam [...]

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Bacon Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe

Salad has always been a ubiquitous summer food to me. It’s always a way to celebrate the bounties of the short growing season here in Maine. A salad is the perfect companion to a meaty barbecue or a light, buttery pasta dish and an excellent way to show off those [...]

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Fresh Thoughts for Cool Trailers

This past winter, Jon and I did a lot of planning for the season.  Running a farm requires many decisions to be made, big and small. One big decision we were faced with was how keep our produce fresh and crisp while delivering throughout the state.  Rather than buying a refrigerated [...]

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Food 4 Thought – Basil!

From Italy to Thailand, you’ll find basil sprouting up in menus across the globe. Derived from the Greek word basilikohn, meaning "royal”, basil has a long history of flavoring dishes. This aromatic herb does more than just satisfy taste buds though—basil offers an array of health benefits, not to mention its [...]

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Farm Cam

At Gromaine, we are always looking for ways to continue to connect you to our farm.  Way back in May we decided it would be really fun to set up a farm cam.  Our farm cam is motion activated, has night vision, and captures the temperature and time.   Around [...]

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A Big Idea for Little Seeds

"You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club” –      Jack London, American author, journalist, and social activist Lettuce seeds are small—very small—and planting them is a time-consuming, meticulous process, Each tray we plant has 250 tiny holes that each require one seed. So in [...]

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The Benefits of Organic Greens

From Napa Valley to Midtown Manhattan, the farm to table movement beckons foodies, locavores and tourists alike—each in search of seasonal flavors picked fresh that day. As the movement continues to grow across the U.S., so do the benefits of local, organic foods. We thought we’d share some of the [...]

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